Find your new dream…

The past two weeks have been crazy for me…fulfilling my dream of going to Disney World, then starting my senior year of high school. So much has been going on and so much has been on my mind, and most of my thoughts have been dwelling on what the heck I want to do with my life. As Eugene Fitzherbert says, I’ve got to find my new dream. I’m not completely sure what that is yet, but I do know one thing for sure: Disney World was the most magical place on earth and I want to work there.

Story Time: freshman year when a bunch of my friends were going to disney world on the band trip, I was feeling very depressed because Disney is my favorite thing and I couldn’t help but feel jealous and upset. SO naturally I headed to the internet to drown myself in videos of…disney world. On this journey through youtube I discovered a channel “Amy’s DCP.” Amy vlogged her time during the Disney College Program- an internship that allows college students to work at disney world in the parks and resorts for a semester or a year. I was immediately convinced that this program was made for me. Not only can you go to the parks literally whenever you want, but you get to spread the magic of Disney to thousands of guests everyday. The DCP became my dream; the one goal that I wanted to work towards. During that spring break of freshman year, I put up a Walt Disney quote on my wall that would forever remind me of my dream of the DCP: “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

So for the next two and a half years, I became desperate to go to Disney World to confirm for myself that this was a place I wanted to work. I followed more DCP participants on instagram, youtube, and every other social media so that I could live vicariously through them. There were some times that I felt utterly depressed because I wasn’t in Disney World, but know that I was finally able to go, if even for just a short time, all that waiting feels totally worth it.

Being in Disney made me realize that there are few things I want more in life than the opportunity to bring magic and happiness to people. And for me, working at Disney World is the easiest way to do that. Disney calls their employees “Cast Members” because they believe that their workers are not just employees, but people putting on a show for their guests. Cast Members’ effort to make sure that guests are having the time of their life truly shows. Whether it’s just through a smile, or something more, they are there to make you happy. Working at Disney World is hard. The hours are long, the sun is hot, and sometimes people can be difficult. But because of my experience at Disney, I would go through all of those difficulties if it meant making magic for one person. I want to be like the cast member who told me I was a princess and complemented my long hair as I walked through Cinderella’s castle. I want to be like the character attendant who talked about high school musical and danced to the Jonas Brothers with Donald and I. I want to be like the lady who gave me a free root beer float on a hot day because I had a birthday button on. I want to be like the cast members who play with little kids in line while they wait to meet their favorite character. I want to make magic. I can’t wait until I get that opportunity when I apply for the College Program in a couple years, but until then I’m going to try and figure out what to do with the rest of my life.

If you want to learn more about the college program I highly recommend checking out their website and and also watching the vlog series “Amy’s DCP”, “AmyPuddles DCP”, and Sarah Bellin’s videos on youtube. They really show the magic and fun of the program.

Much love and magic, Rebecca


Don’t you ever grow up

It’s currently 12:52 am, and I can’t sleep. I just turned 17 years old and my thoughts are being consumed with the fact that I’m going to be a senior in high school. I didn’t realize how ironic it was that I watched Peter Pan on my 17th birthday when I now have exactly one more year of being a kid. After that the entire world will be expecting me to grow up and have my life planned out. The reality is, I’m not certain that I know where I want to go or what exactly I want to do, yet in a few short months all of that will have to be decided and I don’t feel emotionally prepared for that at all.

I still feel like a kid. Heck, I still look like a kid. I primarily watch cartoons on tv, and my favorite movies are all Disney. I’ve never had a boyfriend, and admittedly I’ve never even held hands with someone. I like to laugh at stupid jokes and I still love dressing up in costumes (cosplay is basically dress up for adults). My license only lets me drive with my parents in the car with me. Sometimes I get freaked out because I have to make a serious phone call. Mature is just about the last thing I feel like being, but I know I have to start acting that way because before I know it I’ll be living on my own, and I’ll be too far away for my parents for them to keep cooking for me every night.

I’m scared of the future and the huge amount of uncertainty it holds. A part of me wishes that I could stay in high school forever and keep being dependent on my parents. Another part of me can’t wait to move out and experience the world on my own. That part of me is so excited to get a job with my own income, and it was also excited at the fact that I took my senior pictures. And yet that little feeling of sadness keeps creeping in and making me feel like I’m loosing my last days of happiness.

I leave for Disney world tomorrow and I’m going to cherish every second because I don’t know if I’ll have the chance to run around and be a kid in such a pure and magical way ever again. For one last time I’m going to pretend that I’m really meeting my favorite princess and that fairytales are real. For one last time my heart will be able to soar with the feeling of childhood and unending happiness. I wish I would never have to leave neverland to grow up, but it doesn’t seem like that’s an option anymore. But no matter how old I get, I will always be a kid at heart. And I’m going to hold onto these memories of high school and teenage freedom forever.

So to the underclassmen who still have a long way to go- make your high school experience the best it can be and make sure you don’t regret anything. And to my fellow seniors- soak in every moment of this year and don’t forget to let yourself be a kid before you’re suddenly in college and you don’t know what to do with all your responsibilities. Cherish this.

Now it’s time to listen to Never Grow Up by Taylor Swift and cry and the realness that that song delivers.

Rebecca’s list of amazing cartoons+anime

Here is your proof that I have become a total and complete weeb: This is my comprehensive list of all my favorite cartoons and anime. Now that the time of Summer Boredom has official hit, I hope you can use some of these suggestions to waste some time!! (not gonna mention Adventure Time because…most people know about that one and if you haven’t seen it yet…what have you been doing)

Steven Universe
So I already explained this one in depth in my last post, but its worth repeating because it is just so goshdang good. Steven is great to watch at any time in any mood. Just do it.

Gravity Falls
Gravity Falls wrapped up earlier this year, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to watch this show. There’s only two seasons but they are jam-packed with fun, mystery, and lots of awkward sibling hugs. GF is great if you’re looking for something with a lot of humor and/or elements of mystery and fantasy. As it is set in the summer, this is truly a great one to watch before school comes back.

Star vs the Forces of Evil
Star is a fairly new show that ran its first season last year and will soon be returning from a long hiatus in July! Now is the perfect time to check it out before it comes back. Star is for fans of badass magical girls (it was inspired by Sailor Moon),  and it is literally the perfect show if you’re looking to get emotionally invested in the two main characters until you ship them so hard it hurts. SVTFOE is “a little weird”, “a little wild”, and a ton of fun. This is really one of my all time favorites. Side note: I want to cosplay Star so freaking bad.

Miraculous Ladybug
Speaking of shipping characters so hard it hurts, I now invite you to join the fandom that will send you into the burning fires of OTP hell. Weird fangirl emotions aside, Miraculous Ladybug (or Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir as it’s known here in the States) is a French/Korean TV show that is set in Paris. It is also another show inspired by the Magical Girl genre and the two main characters kick ass!! It seems harmless at first glance but it will literally rip your heart to shreds and consume your life. I recommend the French subbed version if you can find it online, but support the English dubbed version on Nick so we can keep it running! 🙂

Over the Garden Wall
I seriously cannot express how flipping amazing this show is. Over the Garden Wall is a miniseries that ran on Cartoon Network a couple years ago and it is a work of art. It’s also super short- I watched it in a day. I recommend watching this in the fall, especially around Halloween because that perfectly suits the mood of the show. This show is for those looking for a much more serious cartoon with lots of mystery and spooky-ness. Did I mention Elijah Wood voices the main character? It’s too perfect.

Avatar: the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra
If I’m being honest I truly believe the Last Airbender is one of the greatest shows of all time, animated or not. It is the most epic adventure with this amazing mythos and these incredibly diverse characters that have so much depth. Even if you watched it as a kid I seriously recommend going back and rewatching it. I can’t mention Airbender without mentioning Legend of Korra. Korra is great for the more teenage crowd who are ready to graduate from the original Avatar. I absolutely adore Korra even if it fell off the rails a little bit in the last couple seasons. It’s a must see. Also, shoutout for Korra for really pushing the boundaries of gender stereotypes and sexuality!!

Bee and Puppycat

I would be amiss not to mention Bee and Puppycat on this list. Bee is a super cute show made by Frederator-same people that make Adventure Time. It’s a simple story about a girl in her twenties who can’t hold down a job, but her life turns around when a strange Puppycat falls on her head and they begin to go on little magical adventures with each other. It’s put out through youtube and there’s only like, five episodes so please watch it omg. Bee was my first ever cosplay too!E25A3EB5-267A-459F-AE52-D68E1F16860D

Gotta quickly mention Bob’s Burgers though most people have heard of it. It’s great for the more mature adult cartoon crowd but it has amazing portrayals of family and feminism that are seriously just too good. It’s also the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Also- haven’t seen it yet but many people have told me Rick and Morty is an amazing and hilarious show for the more “adult” people out there. If you’re looking for some more nostalgia type cartoons I can always recommend The Powerpuff Girls. It’s seriously so good. Kim Possible and Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends are also some genuinely good ones too.

And now…for some anime *crowd screams and runs away*
But if we’re being real here there is so much great anime out there and you seriously can’t ignore it because of the shitty stigma that anime has in western culture. Not all anime makes you an instant weeaboo otaku. Don’t lie to me and say you never watched Pokemon or Dragonball Z as a kid. These shows are just as amazing as any other western cartoon, if not better. Give it a try!!

Sailor Moon
Unlike every other girl in this world I actually never watched Sailor Moon as a child and only started watching it last year!! This is what really got me into anime but besides that Sailor Moon is a pop culture staple that has inspired so many shows even outside of Japan!! To me, it really embodies a lot of great feminist ideals and it is overall just so much fun to watch. If you want to spare yourself from 200 episodes but still want to enjoy the og magical girls I recommend this filler reduced guide. I recommend the Japanese subbed version.

Fullmetal Alchemist/Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Holy crap this is my FAVORITE SHOW OF ALL TIME. To clear up any confusion, there are two FMA series: The original series Fullmetal Alchemist and the remake that follows the manga, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. FMA was the first anime I ever saw and tbh it changed my life. FMA is the perfect anime to watch if it is your first time. This show has everything: an amazing plot, amazing characters, amazing action sequences, amazing humor, amazing music, and most importantly ALL THE FEELS. I have cried multiple times watching this show and I have no shame about it. I’m currently showing the original series to my younger brother and it’s perfect because this anime is all about the bond between two brothers and it will rip your heart to shreds. This is also a great first anime because the English dub is GREAT. I love all the voice actors ( actually met Ed’s VA) and they really work with the characters because the anime has a western feel to it. If I was gonna recommend one show out of this entire list, it would be this. Side note: Edward Elric is my #1 fictional boyfriend.

This is the show I’m watching right now and even though I haven’t quite finished it, I can EASILY call it one of my favorite animes. It’s another one of those long “nostalgia” type animes but I never watched it as a kid so I have no bias and can honestly say this is a freaking great show. The show is basically about this girl named Kagome (see the schoolgirl uniform) who falls into a well and gets taken back the Feudal Era in Japan. She meets the half-demon Inuyasha and together they search for the shards of the sacred jewel and fight their arch-nemesis, Naraku. This show is great for those looking for an epic friendship adventure similar to Avatar: The Last Airbender and also for those looking to ship the main characters with an unhealthy passion. English dub isn’t awful but I recommend the Japanese version for sure.

Ouran High School Host Club
At first glance you might think this anime is so ~anime~ it’s unhealthy but that’s the beauty of Ouran High School Host Club- it’s not like that at all. This anime is a part of the shoujo genre but the whole time it makes fun of itself and all of the dumb shoujo anime tropes. It defies gender and love stereotypes and I freaking love it. It’s under 30 episodes (very manageable in comparison to the 200 ep long Sailor Moon and Inuyasha) and it’s very fun and easy to watch. Both the Japanese and English versions are good.

Attack on Titan
If you can handle gore and intense battle sequences, you have to watch this anime. Or at least look up the first opening song because it kicks ass. Attack on Titan is about humanity’s last stand against the creepy and giant humanoid Titans who rampage through Human territory and eat people. There is so much badassery and so many deaths and tbh it’s the best. It really is a must watch.

I haven’t seen a ton of anime yet (I’m working on it) but here are a few more honorable mentions: Steins;Gate is an amazing +short thriller with TIME TRAVEL!! Free! is the perfect intro to the weird genre that is Sports Anime. No Game No Life has an incredible art style and a really fun plot if you can handle some fanservice. Tokyo Ghoul is a great one if you like gore and a thrilling plot. Haven’t seen these yet but reliable sources tell me they’re amazing: Cowboy Bebop, Death Note, Hunter x Hunter, Madoka Magica, and Your Lie in April. Lots of people love Sword Art Online but at the same time lots of people don’t. Check that one out at your own digression.

That just about wraps up my list of favorite cartoons…there are so many….but what can I say? I’m a sucker for animation. Next up: A list of my top five favorite Studio Ghibli films??

Why cartoons are the best

🎶cartoons are better than real TV, Sven don’t you think that’s truuuueee?🎶 

So it’s no surprise at all that I love anything and everything that’s animated. I once had a classmate that called me “the Disney Girl” all semester, and honestly he wasn’t wrong at all. I’ve always loved cartoons more than other shows, but I realized recently that in the past year pretty much all of my tv consumption has been animated in some form. It all started last summer when I started binge watching Adventure Time again. After several seasons of that, I proceeded to rewatch Legend of Korra, and watch all of Star Wars Rebels. Whilst I was on Disney XD watching Rebels, I came across a show called Star vs the Forces of Evil and that was the nail in the coffin. From then on, cartoons would become everything to me. Star introduced me to so many amazing cartoons including the show that quickly became my all time favorite: Steven Universe.

Steven Universe is an incredible show about a young boy who lives with the three Crystal Gems, aliens who possess magical powers and help Steven learn to use his. At first glance, Steven seems to be an ordinary cartoon made for kids. But if you look closer, the show is filled with love and emotion, an action packed plot, and artful animation. Most shockingly, Steven has broken the barriers of gender roles and sexuality that most prime time television shows have been too scared to tackle. There are openly  gay characters (well technically they are genderless space rocks but, that’s another story) and Steven himself doesn’t feel pressured to be a typical boy (not just because he has magical powers). The diverse characters in this show will break your heart and then piece it back together with the wonderful themes of family and unconditional love.

You don’t have to watch cartoons to enjoy Steven Universe. There’s a reason it’s been at the top of the Tumblr fandometrics list for months straight. In fact, the only times Steven has been bumped down from #1 in recent weeks are because of Eurovision and another amazing cartoon: Miraculous Ladybug! Cartoons have been slowly rising in pop culture and for a good reason. The latest shows (disregarding trash heaps like Teen Titans Go)  have really brought new life to the world of animation, and they’ve gained a much wider audience then in recent years. The Gravity Falls series finale brought Disney XD it’s highest ratings ever and an average of 2.9 million viewers- the most the network has ever had.

Not all cartoons are deep and plot heavy, of course. But that doesn’t make them bad. If we’re being honest, Adventure Time is mostly just a lot of random, yet entertaining crap.   Cartoons are great because most often they’re lighthearted and they aim to make you laugh and take your imagination on adventures. That’s why they’re great for kids who don’t have to worry about all of the serious stuff in life yet. But every once in a while, Adventure Time will send you a curveball of emotion with episodes like “I Remember You”

I Remember You - Adventure Time by TenshiSenpai
the feels
(S4:E25). If you don’t feel any emotion during that last song…you seriously don’t have a heart. It’s so great that kids shows have episodes with important themes that deal with issues like mental illness and even Alzheimer’s disease. Children learn from what they see in these shows, and it also gives cartoons a great bit of emotion for adults to relate to. There is something for everyone in animation!

Still not interested? Try what is arguably the Greatest Show of All Time, Avatar: The Last Airbender (not the live action movie!! the Nick cartoon!!). I could make a whole separate post about how amazing that show is, but to sum it up, Avatar is this epic adventure that can be compared in its massive scope to things like Lord of the Rings. There is a lot less silly kids stuff and more tears and action. It’s just so freaking good. Try it.
Thanks to these amazing shows, people are starting to realize that these cartoons aren’t just for kids. They hold just as much, if not more, value and entertainment than the regular tv shows you find on normal channels. So next time you think about skipping over Cartoon Network when you’re flipping channels, check out what’s on. You might be surprised at the amazing adventures you have waiting for you.
Coming soon: Rebecca’s comprehensive list of amazing cartoons and anime for your enjoyment.

So you wanna be a writer?

Oh look! Another basic high school girl who thinks writing about her life on the internet is cool! This is what we all needed in our lives! …But in all seriousness maybe reading about our friends lives is something we really do need. Because I believe words are the key to understanding people in a much deeper and complex way. Thoughts and opinions need to be shared, not kept to yourself for the sake of not offending anyone or embarrassing yourself. I’ll probably say things on here I would never dare say in real life because 1) I’m too awkward, and 2) Who has time to listen to me ramble on about the world in the middle of the hallway? So no, nobody asked to read my thoughts on the world, but maybe you’ll learn something from it. Isn’t that what all writers want?

Something I realized recently is that I’ve never really expressed the fact that I want to be a writer during my three years in high school. This is probably because I’ve lacked the self confidence to admit to any talent I thought I had in middle school, but more importantly, reality hit me and I made the discovery that going to college just to be a fiction writer isn’t going to do me a world of good. And finally, I haven’t actually done much writing beyond the first few paragraphs of a book I tried to write multiple times in middle school. But even after all of those doubts crossed my mind, I haven’t quite given up on the dream of publishing the stories I’ve had floating around in my head since elementary school. And thus, this blog, a place for me to publish my writing (aka my rambles) was born.

Long story short, I should probably start doing some writing beyond the confines of my dozens of spiral notebooks and moleskins if I ever want to actually be a writer. Maybe next post I’ll talk about what inspired my dream of becoming an author. That’s a big long story all in itself. As my beloved Walt Disney once said, “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” So here’s to me, mustering up the courage to put myself out there and pursue my dream so to speak. I hope writing on a blog will keep me from falling into a deep gaping hole of laziness and boredom this summer, and I hope you will all get to know me a little better too. Just don’t judge me too harshly for whatever crap I put up here.

Much love, Rebecca.

…Priority number one: come up with a cute sign off.